Men's NetWork WORK DAY 2017 Suggestions

To simplify things when considering something to work on, your men's group might jump on board an already existing project for a day. Maybe your local Salvation Army, community food pantry, area animal shelter, neighborhood youth center, soup kitchen, or nursing home needs some work done. Chances are they'd be happy to hear from you.

That being said, right now is an excellent time to begin thinking about the kinds of projects your men's group would like to do. In the past we've seen home construction and structural repairs; the building of wheelchair ramps and walkways; painting, hauling, sweeping, sanding, mowing, digging, planting, and the like. Those who sign up for WORK DAY projects really get into it, and it's a pleasure to hear their stories and see their pictures when their efforts are finished. The time commitment is minimal (part of one day), but the long-range benefits to those being served and those who do the work go a long way.

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