WEAR in the World

The Men's NetWork wants to see where in the world you've been. More to the point: we want to see where you've been (SOMEWHERE WE WOULD ALL RECOGNIZE) with something bearing the image of the Men's NetWork. Send us your pics!

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  • Pastor Steve Benson * Brainerd, MN
    Devils Tower, with his wife Cindy

  • Pastor Steve Benson * Brainerd, MN
    Mt. Rushmore

  • Peter Kirby * St. Louis, MO
    Valletta, Malta

  • Rich Cohrs * St. Louis, MO
    Washington Monument

  • Wilson Boaz * Hurst, TX
    Golden Gate Bridge

  • Andy Klemme with Bernie the Brewer
    Milwaukee, WI

  • David Strege
    at the Colosseum, Rome, Italy

  • David Strege
    at the Duomo Of Turin, Italy

  • Mark Larson · St. Louis, MO
    in Washington DC

  • Marty Criswell · BryanTX
    at the Great Wall China

  • Marty Criswell · BryanTX
    at the Potala Palace - Lhasa, Tibet

  • Marty Criswell · BryanTX
    at the Yangtzee River, China

  • Ron Norris · Gig Harbor, WA
    at Glacier Bay, AK
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