WEAR in the World

The Men's NetWork wants to see where in the world you've been. More to the point: we want to see where you've been (SOMEWHERE WE WOULD ALL RECOGNIZE) with something bearing the image of the Men's NetWork. Send us your pics!

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  • Glenn Borchers
    Sahara Desert - Morocco

  • Rodney Smith
    Christiansted, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

  • Kent Zunker - Rapid City, SD
    Cathedral Church in Erfurt Germany

  • Dr. Rudy Zoch - Spring, TX
    Nairobi National Game Park - Kenya, Africa

  • Rev. Todd & Micah Biermann - Grand Blanc, MI
    Gettysburg Battlefield

  • Rev. Don Howard - Lawton, OK
    Big Ben - London, England

  • Bill Schmidt - Holt, MI
    Tiger Stadium - Detroit, MI

  • Mike Hemme - Hampshire, IL
    Niagara Falls - Canada

  • Henry Janhsen - Amarillo, TX
    Ft. Sumter, South Carolina
    50,000 pound 12 inch cannon

  • Chris Gary - W. Barrington, IL
    Dachau Concentration Camp - Germany
    Arbeit macht frei - "Work makes (you) free"

  • Rev. Don Howard - Lawton, OK
    Eiffel Tower - Paris

  • Charlie Moore - York, NE
    Luther statue - Town Square, Wittenburg

  • Curtis Connolly - Spokane, WA
    USS Constitution (Old Ironsides)

  • Gene Eng - Indian Land, SC
    The Bell - Scottsdale AZ

  • Lynn Zellman - Cologne, MN
    Niagra Falls, Ontario

  • Peter Kirby - St. Louis, MO
    London, England

  • Glenn Borchers - Moorhead, MN
    Lake Superior - Northern Michigan

  • David Daumer -
    Wrigley Stadium - Chicago, IL

  • Harold Kleinschmidt - Imperial, MO
    Creation Museum - Petersburg, KY

  • Dr. Rudy Zoch - Texas
    Foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

  • Glenn Borchers - Moorhead, MN
    Kilimanjaro Airport, Tanzania

  • Glenn Borchers - Moorhead, MN
    Serengti National Park - Tanzania

  • Donald Pape - Alexandria, VA
    Washington Monument - DC

  • Bruce Huyck - Paducah, KY
    South Rim of the Grand Canyon

  • Luke Lindsay - Hillsboro, KS
    Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida

  • Mark Frith - Chesterfield, MO
    Air Force Academy - Colorado Springs, CO

  • Rev. Ron Norris - Gig Harbor, WA
    Space Needle - Seattle WA

  • Greg Fiechtner - South Bend, IN
    Notre Dame Football Stadium "Knute Rockne Gate"

  • Corey Isaak - Fargo, ND
    Fargo Theater Sign (movie & TV series)

  • Curt Connolly - Spokane, WA
    Little Bighorn Battelfied (Custer's Last Stand)

  • Marty Criswell - Bryan, TX
    Dead Sea, Israel

  • Ray Musgrave - Paducah, KY
    Indy 500

  • Rev. Ken Klaus - McKinney, TX
    Lutheran Hour Ministries recording studio
    We know you might not recognize it, but...

  • Walter Carle -Stuttgart, AR
    Jerusalem, Israel

  • Rodney Smith - Alexandria, VA
    Washington Monument DC

  • Ken McCosh - Manhattan, KS
    KC Royals Baseball Stadium

  • Kerry Duerr - Anaheim, CA

  • Kurt Buchholz - LHM Executive Director
    at the LHM Ministry Center - Brazil
    Hora Luterana

  • Kent Zunker - Rapid City, SD
    Crazy Horse Memorial in the Black Hills of South Dakota

  • Conan Smith - Alexandria, VA
    Capitol - Washington DC

  • Rodney Smith - Alexandria, VA
    Capitol - Washington DC

  • David Stansfield - Horicon, WI
    Alamo - San Antonio TX

  • Rich Cohrs - St. Louis, MO
    Alamo - San Antonio TX

  • Glen Borchers - Moorhead, MN
    Machu Picchu, Peru

  • John Hawkins * Cedar Park, TX
    Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral
    (built in 1667)

  • Charlie Moore * York, NE
    Disneyland, CA

  • Steve Jarchow * Beatrice, NE
    England/Scotland Border

  • Steve Jarchow * Beatrice, NE
    Scotland/England Border

  • Dave Dawson * St. Louis, MO
    at the World War II Memorial, Washington D.C.

  • Dr. Rudy Zoch * Trinity-Klein, Spring, Texas LLL Men's Club
    Vision for Kenya eye clinic, Rombo at the foothills of Kilimanjaro
    (Look close! You'll see he's pointing to the sign with a Men's NetWork knife!)
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