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Working For the Man Upstairs - Your Job... Your Calling... Your Life!

By: Rev. Tim Radkey

Is it work you're looking for or a chance to serve God? Can they be one and the same? Join us as we consider Working for the Man Upstairs, the newest Men's NetWork Bible study. See how our jobs-no matter what they might be-are a conduit through which God's work is done in this world.

Working For The Man Upstairs - Promo Video  |  Session 1 - What Did You Want To Be... (6:40)  |  Session 2 - Take This Job And... (8:25)  |  Session 3 - Who Is That Masked Man? (8:20)  |  Bonus Video - Interview 1  |  Bonus Video - Interview 2  |  Bonus Video - Interview 3  |  Bonus Video - Interview 4  |  

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