Bible Studies

Explaining All The Scary Stuff In Revelation

By: Rev. Ken Klaus

(Includes subtitles in English & Spanish) - Nobody said demons, plagues, and an appointment with Armageddon would be fun, but it doesn't have to be feared-at least not for the Christian. Check out how the latest LHM Men's NetWork Bible study, Explaining All The Scary Stuff In Revelation, gives both insight-and encouragement to those who follow "the bright Morning Star."

Revelation - Promo Video  |  Session 1 - Scary Stuff Pt1 (7:20)  |  Session 2 - Locked On A Collision Course (26:00)  |  Session 3 - Proceed With Caution (20:30)  |  Session 4 - Cracking Revelation's Code (17:00)  |  Session 1 - Scary Stuff Pt2 (12:00)  |  

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