Bible Studies

Who Am I? What Am I Doing Here?

By: Dr. Joel D. Biermann

The universe, God's will, speaking the Christ story, true human fulfillment, God's Law, the point of it all-these are some of the ideas in Pastor Joel Biermann's explorative video Bible study. In six sessions, he takes us from the beginning to that place where, on the Last Day, we find our greatest realization as humans.

Session 1 - In the Beginning (13:25)  |  Session 2 - Coming To Terms With The Law (12:00)  |  Session 3 - Worldviews Collide (10:35)  |  Session 4 - In The Groove (10:00)  |  Session 5 - Two Taboo Topics (11:40)  |  Session 6 - Living in the End (11:55)  |  

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