Additional Resources for Death... Then What?

Use these additional resources to supplement your study on this topic. Because of the Internet's changing nature, a link may modify or get deleted. If you discover a bad link in the list below, please contact us!


  • Our Marvelous Bodies
    Reed Lessing reminds us to respect our bodies because they are a marvel of God's engineering.
  • Cryonics
    Alcor is a cryonics company using a deep-freezing technology. This technology is applied to the bodies of people who have just died in the hope that future scientific advances can revive them.
  • Dancing with Death (A Doctor Looks at Death)
    A physician offers his thoughts on medicine, religion, politics, pets, and passion in life.
  • The Roots of Reincarnation
    A few words on reincarnation in Eastern religions, comparative religions, and modern thinking
  • Thinking about Your Funeral
    Jonathan Watt explains the purpose of a Christian funeral service and how you can work with your pastor to give your family and friends one final testimony of your faith in Jesus Christ.




  • Reservations about the Resurrection?
    Paul Maier speaks about the alleged contradictions in the resurrection accounts given in the four Gospels.
  • Mysteries and Realities of Resurrection
    This article considers the account in Matthew 27:52-53, concerning those people who came to life after Jesus' resurrection and what happened to them.
  • Concerning the Resurrection Body
    J. T. Mueller examines what God says about our resurrected body in 1 Corinthians 15:35-49.
  • Seven Stanzas for Easter
    John Updike wrote this poem for a contest at Clifton Lutheran Church in Marblehead, Massachusetts, where he reminds us why it's important to remember that Jesus' death and resurrection are a real, physical, historical event.

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