Nurturing Your Faith - Part 4: Prayers of Praise

By: Don Everts
The praises of God's people ring out through the Scriptures. In this fourth and final installment of Nurturing Your Faith - Prayer, we'll see how giving voice daily to our praise is our privilege and God's rightful due. The eternal work of God on our behalf is ours to receive in joy and adoration for the things He has done. Naturally, we praise Him for this.

Praising God may seem like an activity best reserved for church or the occasional campfire sing-along. But like other prayers we've considered-intercessory, confessional, or gratitude-prayers of praise can be offered at any time, in any place. Our adoration fits every occasion; it's the natural response of a Christian's heart toward God's omnipotence, His sovereignty, and His mercy which saves.

Yet, how often our joy is stifled by the pressures of everyday life. We know praising God isn't meant only for life's peak moments. We know that no matter what our circumstances, He is worthy of our love and adulation. Yea, even when our crimes find us out-as David discovered from Nathan's blunt rebuke over Bathsheba-even then our mouths must declare His righteousness. "O Lord, open my lips," the guilty king cries out, "and my mouth will declare Your praise" (Psalm 51:15).

It is our daily blessing to praise and worship our Redeemer. Again, David speaks words of truth for us all: "Oh, magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt His Name together!" (Psalm 34:1)

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