Reaching out to Latinos in the United States: Sentido Latino
Just launched this April, Sentido Latino, a bi-weekly podcast from LHM, is helping Latinos navigate social and cultural aspects of life here in the United States. Hosted by Rev. Luciano Vega-Ayala and Deaconess Noemi Guerra, this 15-20-minute podcast will entertain and inform listeners, even as it promotes family values and the spiritual life of Latinos in the U.S. The program's title, Sentido Latino, means "Latin sense," is further explained in its tagline, "Donde tu vida tiene sentido," which in English means, "Where Your Life Makes Sense."
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A Celebration Worth Getting Excited About
Lutheran Hour Ministries is at it again!
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The More the Merrier: WORK DAY Pics and Stories
We're so pleased with this year's turnout of more than 600 participants (both guys and gals) in the 2018 Men's NetWork WORK DAY on Saturday, April 28. A great many lives were made significantly better through the efforts and kindnesses shown by this year's nationwide band of dedicated project warriors.
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Do a Little Digging: LHM Has Resources Aplenty
The May-June issue of The Lutheran Layman reminds readers that LHM has a treasure trove of solid biblical tools and ministry-empowering resources that are available to foster outreach, for personal edification, and to serve communities of faith.
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Keep Those Pictures Coming In!
May will close out our current twofer Bible study offer.
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The Sensible Art of Ambulation
I don't know if it's age or routine or what, but I don't get outside to walk quite often enough these days. I remember periods in my life when going for a walk just to go for a walk was an anticipated and almost daily occurrence. The chance to brush off the cobwebs in the open air was a welcome respite from the stale oxygen of closed spaces. And there was always a feeling of rejuvenation at the end of my trek, with a renewed focus on whatever the day held next.
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Upcoming Events:
  • NE, Omaha: Peak Challenge 2018 - Climb to Glory
    July 26, 2018 - July 30, 2018
    Host Church: King of Kings Lutheran

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    Winamac, IN
  • Faith Lutheran Brotherhood
    Shumway, IL
  • King's Men
    Gardner, KS
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