Redeem Your Internet Hours with LHM's Mobile Apps
If you're like many people these days, you spend a fair amount of time on your cellphone or laptop. The internet's seemingly endless menu of options is both a blessing and-truth be told-an enormous time waster. You can cut back on the hours you blow by tapping into some of LHM's many online resources-all of which are FREE and designed with you in mind.
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Spiritual Conversation Workshops—Online or In-Person
Online workshops from LHM are a great way to bring a study group together in a focused learning environment. Two workshops, Eager Conversationalists and The Spiritual Conversation Curve can be viewed as a recorded session online. It's also possible to schedule a "live" online workshop for your group, with an LHM host presenting the material.
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Perpetual Long Division
If you were gripped with fear when you read that title, don't worry. We won't be talking about mathematics here.
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