Weigh in at THRED Where Your Voice Matters
These days, sincere, balanced conversations are crucial. With dialogue comes understanding, and with understanding cooperative growth is possible. At THRED, LHM's social media website, the idea is for visitors to "join an open and honest conversation with people of all backgrounds about life, faith, and Jesus." It's a place where people listen and learn from what others have to say.
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See What an LHM Sunday Can Do for Your Church
When you host an LHM Sunday at your church, your members will likely learn things they did not know. At Lutheran Hour Ministries, we are constantly creating new resources in English and Spanish to benefit your Christian walk. Many of them are FREE, and they're all designed to deepen your life in Christ.
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Our Confusing Selves
When I was little, my dad had a poster of an adorable chimpanzee next to his desk. This was long before the days of memes, but you may have seen an updated version. The chimpanzee held a thinking pose above the caption, "I think, therefore I am ... confused."
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