Dealing with Stress and Worry in Our Lives
These days most of us are no strangers to anxiety. LHM Learn's Stress & Worry in the Life of a Christian helps learners address their stress while supporting others who struggle with similar issues. Written by Rev. Dr. Rick Marrs and author and media producer Jessica Bordeleau, this timely four-session course offers video, Scriptural references, and author insights for managing stress. Fresh perspectives and valuable takeaways give learners real-life applications to help form a plan of action to help themselves and others at the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. It closes with a devotional from Rev. Marrs.
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Three Booklets to Help Encourage Your Child's Faith Life
Are you looking for ways to encourage the spiritual side of your child's life during your time together at home? Recently, LHM has produced three booklets from Mary Oldfield that give parents (and others) a wealth of practical insights for raising children in a Christ-like manner.
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A Little Reminder to Share Some Good News
Is there someone you'd like to have a spiritual conversation with? There probably is, but talking about God and faith can be challenge. We'd like to connect with our neighbor or close friend in meaningful conversations. We even think about the kind of conversations we could have, but so often opportunities slip through our fingers.
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Everyone wants to be happy, right? After all, the right to the "pursuit of happiness" is written into the U.S. Declaration of Independence! Why else do we throw so much money at toys, at amusement, at relationships, at experiences ranging from helicopter skiing to dog sledding? Why spend so much time constructing miniature railroad worlds, building enormous Lego landmarks, or fishing every possible weekend!? Because these things make us happy, of course.
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