The Beauty of Applications
These days, and into the foreseeable future, it's good to know we can occupy ourselves in meaningful ways without going batty. Lutheran Hour Ministries over the last few years has developed a number of web-based applications people can access from their cellphones, laptops, and any other device that links to the internet.
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Visit the Glorious Land of Thailand This Spring!
Lutheran Hour Ministries has saved you a seat for a trip to Southeast Asia. This special five-day excursion to faraway places is going to Thailand in 2021. Gospel Adventures: Thailand Trek is a fun-filled, fact-filled learning event loaded with interesting people, captivating cultural features, and the kind of educational experience you've come to expect from LHM's Gospel Adventure trips.
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Responding to an Apology: Do Words Matter?
Have you noticed how much we seem to police our speech these days? It seems we're constantly told what we should or should not say, what's appropriate or inappropriate. And we're held to a high standard. Some mistakes are costly.
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