Dinners Made Possible for Hundreds by St. Louis Men's Ministry
We're in round two of featuring the three winners for the Men's NetWork's first-ever GIVES BACK event. It took place during the weeks between Christmas and Thanksgiving.
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Speaking to Friends and Loved Ones Behind Bars
For those who know someone "doing time," mustering the courage necessary to bridge into his or her life on the inside can be very hard. The mental hurdles alone are tough: How hard will this be? What do I have to offer? Will I be accepted, even after all my work to reach out? Behind Bars I: Called to the Incarcerated is a brand-new course from LHM Learn; it's designed to help participants navigate the challenging and uncertain waters of doing prison ministry.
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What's Your Men's NetWork WORK DAY Project?
Saturday, April 27, is the "official" day of this year's Men's NetWork WORK DAY. It's that day we set aside (the seventh year running now) for men and groups to take a few hours of their time and help someone who needs it in their neighborhoods and communities. It's a chance to put the body of Christ in action by being the hands and feet of Jesus, for others.
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Helping Hispanics "Do Life" in the U.S.: Sentido Latino
Launched in 2018, Sentido Latino, a Spanish-language podcast from Lutheran Hour Ministries, has been airing its 15-20-minute podcast bi-weekly. On March 28, it moves to a weekly format, as its listenership continues to expand. Sentido Latino means "Latin sense," and its tagline, "Donde tu vida tiene Sentido," means "Where Your Life Makes Sense."
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Devotions Point to God's Love Through the Cross of Christ
With Lent comes the period in the church year when the love of God as expressed in the bitter suffering and death of His Son Jesus is contemplated among Christians. This year's Lenten devotions from LHM, People of the Passion, give readers the sense of wonder at how God could love us so much that He would do this—sacrifice His only Son —on our behalf.
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The Benefits of Discipline
For many people, the word "discipline" is a negative. A disciplined person is not spontaneous or fun-loving. It seems that being disciplined means giving up freedom and joy.
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Upcoming Events:
  • WI, Stevens Point: A-MEN's Night Out
    February 26, 2019 - February 26, 2019
    Host Church: St Paul Lutheran Church et al
  • IL, Belvidere: 9th Annual Men's Retreat
    April 5, 2019 - April 7, 2019
    Host Church: Belvidere Immanuel Lutheran Church
  • IN, Seymour: 2019 Men's Gathering
    April 5, 2019 - April 7, 2019
    Host Church: Lakeview Ministries

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