January 5, 2021

The Beauty of Applications
These days, and into the foreseeable future, it's good to know we can occupy ourselves in meaningful ways without going batty. Lutheran Hour Ministries over the last few years has developed a number of web-based applications people can access from their cellphones, laptops, and any other device that links to the internet.

These mobile apps are Bible-based, Christ-centered, and fun to use, wherever you are. All it takes is a simple download. When you do that you have immediate access to powerful weekly messages from The Lutheran Hour, award-winning, original video Bible studies; topical booklets on dozens of subjects; our daily and seasonal devotions; Spanish-language resources, and plenty of other meaningful content—right at your fingertips.

To take advantage of these resources, go to LHM's website and click here.

Once the app is loaded, you're ready to go! No hassle! No charge!

Happy New Year!

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