November 24, 2020

Finish 2020 off Strong with LHM's Seasonal Devotions

As you close out 2020, reflect on God's love and grace with LHM's Advent devotions, God with Us, available in either English or Spanish. Written by LHM's Theological Writer, Dr. Kari Vo, these thoughtful messages will inspire and refresh you. Each devotion has three reflection questions, too, so they're perfect for either self-reflection or as a conversation starter in a group.

Whether it's our seasonal devotions or our regular Daily Devotions, you can access these messages in a way that's easy and convenient. We'll send them to you as a daily e-mail, coming right to your in-box. You can also hear them online or enjoy them as a podcast on our mobile app. You can get the app by clicking here.

God with Us can also be downloaded (including a large-font format and bulletin inserts for your church); plus they can be printed out. The English version is read this year by Rev. Dr. Tony Cook, LHM's vice president of Global Ministries. You'll find all your options by clicking here.

The Spanish version, Dios con nosotros, is read again this year by Rev. Hector Hoppe. It too is available online, can be received as a daily e-mail during Advent, and can be downloaded and printed for distribution. You can click here for the details on LHM's Spanish-language devotions.

Audio and e-mail for both English and Spanish begin on November 29.

Don't forget to sign up—if you haven't already—for LHM's regular Daily Devotions in English and Spanish, too. They begin Thursday, January 7, 2020, following Advent.

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