November 10, 2020

Learn to Tell Your Faith Story Better
While talking about our favorite bands, teams, or movies may be an easy conversation, sharing our faith can sometimes be quite difficult. It's not that we don't want to, but we lock up with the expectations we place on ourselves and our fears of how our sharing will be received. The latest course from LHM Learn speaks to this: it's The Power of Stories: Connecting God's Faithfulness to Everyday Life.

You can check out this course and all the helpful LHM Learn courses by clicking here.

The three sessions of The Power of Stories examine the what, why, and how-to of sharing one's faith stories. These lessons use video, question-and-answer sections, key Scriptures and Bible stories, as well as comments from those who share their faith. Learners gain a deeper appreciation for, and a renewed sense of, the power of stories to tell the greatest story of all: God's love for the world in Jesus Christ. Also included is a printable journal, discussion guide, video transcript, and tip sheet for use with small groups. Ashley Bayless, LHM's curriculum development manager, serves as the host.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, three of LHM Learn's courses, Me and My Household, Building a Vibrant Household, and Stress & Worry in the Life of a Christian have been helpful to many. These courses can be taken without enrolling as an LHM Learn user—though that is a simple thing to do. You can begin by clicking here.

All LHM Learn online courses are FREE and need only your registration to use (except for the three COVID-19 courses above). Courses are flexible; you can start and stop courses mid-stream, returning later to where you left off. They are ideal for multi-tasking people with busy schedules. Courses are great for small groups (think Zoom here!) and to share with friends and family who are grappling with similar challenges.

LHM Learn has five different faith-strengthening categories to choose from. Here they are:

* Christian Foundations (the basics of Christianity from biblical, theological, and historical perspectives)

* Cultural Concepts (resources to understand the different demographics, cultures, and religions in our world today)

* Everyday Insights (thoughts about the good and bad that life throws our way)

* Outreach Essentials (personal evangelism and tools to reach others with the Gospel)

* Spiritual Reflections (devotional thoughts meant to strengthen and encourage)

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