November 26, 2019

Enjoy an LHM Christmas Special This Holiday Season
"Christmas is one of the few times of the year when television stations make room for special programming like Red Boots for Christmas, Little Shepherd, and others. It adds to the special nature of the holiday season and reminds viewers of the true meaning of Christmas," said Jim Arand, LHM's manager for audio development.

You can find where LHM programming will be airing on a station near you by clicking here.

In addition to the broadcast of LHM Christmas specials on local channels, here are other cable location outlets where you can find LHM programming:

Cornerstone Network: Watch Live | On Roku
Inspiration TV: View Schedule
Trinity Broadcasting: Find a Channel | View Schedule | Smile of a Child
The Walk: The Walk Network
NRB TV: View Schedule

Here's a list of Christmas specials LHM has produced over the years:

Little Shepherd (25 minutes) follows Joel and his family, and his pet lamb, Bramble, as they venture into new territory. Fearing the dangers of wolves and other things that haunt the night, Joel embarks on the journey of becoming a shepherd. Afraid and anxious, he is about to discover he needn't face these dangers alone, as he learns through an unexpected surprise that God will be there through every fear.

Red Boots for Christmas (28 minutes) tells the story of Hans the shoemaker who is hard at work in a small town in Germany, secluded from the holiday festivities around him. Hans, having never learned the true meaning of Christmas, mocks the townspeople's joyful preparations. Visited by an angel who promises a gift, Hans crafts a gift to give the returning messenger-the finest red boots ever made. In the end, Hans embraces the wonder and spirit of Christmas, as he receives what God has to offer.

The Puzzle Club Christmas Mystery (30 minutes) takes us to New Bristol just before Christmas where items from the city's Nativity scene have vanished, along with Todd Pennington. It's left to The Puzzle Club-Christopher, Korina, and Alex-to solve this Christmas mystery. With help from their mentor Tobias and their parakeet mascot Sherlock, The Puzzle Club's adventures uncover a mystery that will throw light on the true message of Christmas.

Christmas Is (22 minutes) is an animated classic about Benji, a disappointed lad who must once again play the second shepherd in the annual school play. His disenchantment turns to joy when a daydream transports him and his lovable pooch, Waldo, back to the very first Christmas. There the second shepherd shares the angels' glorious message-that Jesus is born in Bethlehem!

The City That Forgot About Christmas (22 minutes) is a story about a woodcarver who lived in a village that had forgotten about Christmas-that is-until he taught the children of the town about the birth of Jesus. On hearing that good news the village, uncaring and unaware of what God had done at Christmas, was filled with the joy of Christ. This animated favorite features the voices of Sebastian Cabot, Charles Nelson Reilly, and Louis Nye.

The Stableboy's Christmas (27 minutes) is an award-winning drama, telling the story of 10-year-old Tammy as she travels back in time to the first Christmas in Bethlehem. There she sees a stableboy and his act of unselfish love when he gives the Christ Child his pet lamb. Considering his sacrificial gift, she comes to realize how sharing presents with others is a way of sharing God's love at Christmas.

"These light-hearted Christmas specials may be watched and enjoyed by people of all ages," said Sharmon Perschbacher, syndication operational specialist for LHM. "Each program contains a clear Christian message that highlights the meaning of Christmas and points to God's love in the birth of our Savior. To see about viewing one or more of these programs where they live, viewers are encouraged to contact their local stations, and Lutheran Hour Ministries will make them available—for free!"

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