October 29, 2019

Hispanics Benefit from Para El Camino's Diverse Resources
The Spanish-language website of Lutheran Hour Ministries, Para el Camino (For the Walk), has become more user friendly. Now, in a single location, you can find and access all the Spanish resources LHM has available.

Here users will find Christ-centered information that is practical and addresses life's everyday concerns, helping Hispanics manage their daily lives in the United States. Bible-based teaching, sermons, video, devotionals, and more are each produced with an eye toward relevance for Christian and non-Christian alike, providing each with help in a culture that is often difficult to navigate.

For a brief message of inspiration, there's Alimento Diario (Daily Food). This includes Daily Devotions as well as seasonal devotions for Advent and Lent, including this year's Christmas messages entitled, Llamarás su nombre Jesús (Call His Name Jesus). They are written by Dr. Kari Vo, LHM's theological writer and the author of many of LHM's Daily Devotions.

Para el Camino has archived messages from The Lutheran Hour by former Speakers and others you can read or listen to. Downloadable PDF texts of the sermons and supplemental study notes can be printed and used for personal study or group discussion. Sermons are narrated by Rev. Hector Hoppe.

Ayer, Hoy y Siempre (Yesterday, Today and Always) offers a weekly, fifteen-minute drama of hope and inspiration produced with the particular concerns and challenges of the Spanish-speaking community in mind.

Sentido Latino (Latin Sense) is a weekly podcast featuring program hosts Rev. Luciano Vega-Ayala and Deaconess Noemi Guerra. Together they focus on current issues relevant to Hispanics integrating into U.S. society. The conversation is informed and lively, as they address the cultural, social, and moral challenges Hispanics face as U.S. citizens.

In the website's Libreria (Library), you'll find a quick link to LHM's storefront. There Spanish-language videos can be purchased, and booklets can be purchased or downloaded for FREE. Another website resource is ˇDios se revela! (God Reveals), a 12-session video exploration of the Scriptures and the Christian life, complete with accompanying study guides. Here also you will find LHM video Bible studies captioned into Spanish, including the award-winning, three-volume Luther series, Un hombre llamado MARTÍN (A Man Named Martin) Bible study

You can find all these resources by clicking here.

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