October 15, 2019

Send Us an Update on Your Men's Group
When your men's group is planning an event, project, or Bible study, please tell us about it. Letting the Men's NetWork know what your group is doing is sometimes a helpful catalyst to other groups that are looking for ideas.

When you're planning your next men's group project or event, the Men's NetWork has two different places to keep your audience informed online—both before and after the event.

First of all, from the Men's NetWork website, click on the "More Stuff" button and choose "Find a Group Near You." There you can see others who have told us about their men's groups. Maybe some are even in your area. You can find out who they are, when they meet, etc. Here you'll find comments like "We meet at 7:30 a.m. Sunday morning before church for Bible study" or "Our Wednesday night meeting involves worship, prayer, Bible study, discussion, encouragement, and a tasty pot luck dinner. We are into building Christ-centered relationships and seek to be part of what God is doing in our city and communities."

Here too is where you have an opportunity to tell us about some of the cool things your group is doing. You register these by clicking the "Events" button and choosing "Local and Regional Calendars." This is for specific stuff like "We're having a men's retreat on November 30 - December 2," along with the specifics of the event, why they should come, who's going to be there, etc. Once you have it planned, make sure you submit the information online (just follow the instructions) to let us know, so we can add it to our website. This space is for events or activities with a "begin" and "end" date. You never know, there might be guys in your area looking for a men's group—and a church to go along with it.

Once these items are submitted and reviewed, the three most recent men's groups and three nearest upcoming events will automatically post on the Men's NetWork home page, in the right-hand column.

To take it a step further, following your "event" you will receive an email requesting that you send in some pictures of how your activity went. Once we get those shots and a brief summary from you, they go live on our "Braggin' Rights" page—and might very well make it into the e-newsletter, too.

For a look at what other men's groups are doing, click here for the Men's NetWork's Braggin' Rights page.

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