October 15, 2019

Call His Name Jesus: 2019 Advent Devotions from LHM
This year's Advent devotions, Call His Name Jesus, by LHM's Theological Writer Dr. Kari Vo, will be a Christmas blessing to many thousands this year.

They can be received in your e-mail inbox as a daily message during the holidays. Otherwise, you can read them online, listen to the audio, or enjoy them via LHM's Daily Devotion app as you travel. You can find the app by clicking here.

In Call His Name Jesus, God comes to us. "In this tiny baby we see the Man who lay down His life for us on Calvary's cross, the Son of God who defeated all the power of the devil—because He loved us," Vo said. "But it also starts with you in all of your tininess—somebody sitting in a comfortable chair reading in the lamplight; a parent putting the little ones to bed with a prayer and a story about Jesus; a driver with your eyes on the road, watching out for hazards while the back of your mind is preoccupied with work or errands. You are a single speck of human life among billions of others on a troubled planet in an ordinary galaxy of this immense universe. And yet, Advent is about you, because you are the reason Jesus came," Vo added.

During the Advent season, you can receive these devotions as a daily e-mail, beginning December 1. You can also access a downloadable version, which includes a large-font text and bulletin inserts, right now. Audio begins on December 1 with Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler, Speaker for The Lutheran Hour, reading the devotions. You can click here for all the details.

Le pondrás por nombre Jesús, the Spanish-language version, will be available to read online or to receive as a daily e-mail through the Advent season beginning December 1. Audio will also begin on December 1 with Rev. Hector Hoppe reading the texts. The print version is also now available. You can click here for the details on LHM's Spanish-language devotions.

Don't forget to sign up—if you haven't already—for LHM's regular Daily Devotions, too. You can receive them now, and they will begin again Tuesday, January 7, 2020, following Advent.

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