October 1, 2019

Radio That's More Than Just Music to Your Ears
You can go to SENT Radio to hear sermons from past Speakers for The Lutheran Hour. Messages from Revs. Oswald Hoffmann, Dale Meyer, Wallace Schulz, Ken Klaus, and Gregory Seltz are currently being aired. Biographic intros of these Speakers give listeners background on the life and ministry of these individuals. Each Speaker faithfully proclaims God's love and encourages listeners to consider the claims of Jesus as Lord and Redeemer.

Here you'll also find Scripture readings, hymns, instrumentals, and vocal music. Morning prayers and evening vespers can be heard daily at 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. respectively. On Sundays, the current sermon by Speaker Rev. Michael Zeigler airs at 7 and 9:30 a.m., noon, and again at 2:30 p.m.

You can find SENT Radio by clicking here.

"Making SENT Radio available to the public right now comes at an excellent time for Lutheran Hour Ministries," said Dr. Tony Cook, vice president for Global Ministries. "The sheer volume of teaching, devotional, and education materials LHM has produced through its long history should be available to the public. Our mission from the start has been to edify the community of believers while reaching out to those on the periphery who do not yet know Christ. SENT Radio strengthens LHM's position as a global leader in sharing the Gospel and empowering people to share their faith with others."

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    Host Church: King of KIngs Lutheran
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    April 17, 2020 - April 19, 2020
    Host Church: Lakeview Villages

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