September 17, 2019

LHM-Barna Partnership Key to Producing Christ-Centered Outreach Resources
As LHM continues its partnership with Barna Group, new resources are in development. A growing collection of outreach tools like booklets, monographs, CD webinars, and other items have already been the fruitful result. As LHM and Barna continue exploring issues of faith, religion, personal belief, culture, and the way groups live, thrive, and interact, additional resources will be created for both the churched and the unchurched.

The first joint monograph, Spiritual Conversations in the Digital Age, was released in 2018. It features research and insights that focus on how we communicate in the rapid and ever-changing landscape of our digital world. In 2019, LHM released its second monograph, Households of Faith, which features reams of data and commentary on the way we live, who we live with, how we interact, and insights on how Christ can be sensitively shared in these varied contexts. Coming up in 2020 will be research centering on Communities of Action, and how communities can be better equipped to do God's kingdom work.

You can learn more about LHM's partnership with Barna by clicking here and reading more.

You can order copies of LHM's Barna-based-research products by clicking here.

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