September 17, 2019

There's Still Time To Go to Peru!
Kids like to travel, too. Well, if you know some youngsters who like to experience the world beyond their neighborhoods, introduce them to LHM's Gospel Adventures!

This year's kid-friendly road trip takes youngsters to South America. In partnership with Group Publishing, LHM is bringing Peru to kids (and grownups) in a fascinating, interactive exploration of this wonderful country. Through activities, videos, and discussion questions, kids in the U.S. will learn as Peruvian kids tell stories about what it's like to live in a country with pink dolphins, monstrous sand dunes, delicious foods, the deepest canyon in the world and, of course, the lofty Incan site of Machu Picchu.

Here's how it works: Day One of Passport to Peru features six different elements. There's a 1) geography lesson on the country of Peru and its place in the world; 2) a video trip with Neil and Sharith, Peruvian twins who share a bit of their daily lives and who then visit the ruins at Machu Picchu; 3) fascinating information on the Inca who built Machu Picchu and the culture that thrived in Peru some 700 years ago; 4) video and pictures of wildlife in Peru; 5) a look at Psalm 23 with questions about how God comforts us as our Good Shepherd; and 6) additional discussion questions for students which review the day's highlights.

To sign up for Gospel Adventures: Passport to Peru, click here.

* Upon registration, you will receive a link to our interactive webpage, and a FREE teacher curriculum PDF download.

* The videos on our interactive page are pre-recorded, so you can choose the best time during VBS to show them in conjunction with your curriculum. (Please note: Gospel Adventures: Passport to Peru can be utilized anytime during the year.)

* Teachers will have access to materials to enhance the lessons learned through the Gospel Adventures videos. Kids will have the opportunity to answer questions and enjoy activities related to the daily video.

"With high-quality videos and engaging activities, the curriculum helps kids learn about life and culture from kids like them but who live in another part of the world," said Ashley Bayless, curriculum development manager for LHM. "Kids are constantly surprised how life isn't all that different in other places around the world. Kids go to school; they help with chores; they play soccer with their friends— and yet life can still look very different: new foods, different transportation, another language. One of the greatest similarities, though, is God's love for all His children, no matter where they live in the world."

Gospel Adventures ... a great resource for those who want to expand their horizons and see how the rest of the world lives.

Stay tuned: in 2020 LHM is heading to Mongolia!

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