September 17, 2019

Head to THRED for Topical Comments on Life and Faith
One thing that's marked THRED from the beginning is its freshness of perspective. At THRED you'll find contributors and visitors who are interested in honest exchanges about the things that matter in their lives, and they're eager to learn from others, too.

At THRED you can share your perspective, respond to others, and come away invigorated by the exchange. THRED offers an open forum for people to talk about the things they care about. While it offers a Christian perspective, visitors to THRED will find that it's amenable to all kinds of viewpoints.

At the THRED website, there are articles and vlogs (video logs) on relationships, community, society, God, Christianity, and other items of intrigue and fascination. These can be accessed by clicking here.

At THRED we believe your voice and experiences are valid and significant. We think we can learn things through dialogue with each other that makes for wonderful and enriching discoveries. And we think the hardest topics should be talked about more, not less.

At THRED we want to hear from you!

Your voice matters.

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