April 2, 2019

Swapping Pictures for Words
The current premium for your WEAR in the Word pics might just be the right word for someone else.

The Men's NetWork is giving away LHM's brand new "Sharing Jesus Bundle" for your pictures. This resource features ten packs of three separate booklets: Who Is Jesus?, Why Did Jesus Die?, and What Is Faith in Jesus?, along with ten copies of Do You Know Who Jesus Is?, a pocket-sized volume with an illustrated story that kids will love to read and pass along to others. These booklets come in a handy four-slot display stand that's perfect for displaying anywhere righteous reading should be available.

To get your "Sharing Jesus Bundle," send us a photo that meets the following criteria:

1. The photo must show you wearing a recognizable Men's NetWork item: a hat or shirt.

2. The picture must be of an identifiable and commonly accepted landmark location! We define this as the majority of the judges can view the picture and immediately recognize where the photo was taken. If the judges have to go to the internet to find the location, it's probably not easily recognizable. NOTE: standing by a sign naming the location in the picture may not make it commonly recognizable; unless, of course, the Pantheon is in the background.

3. To get your gift, you must include your full mailing information.

4. The decision of our esteemed and impartial panel of judges is final.

Click here for more information and the submission process. You'll see the box at the top right of the page.

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