April 2, 2019

Sentido Latino Moves to Weekly Format
On March 28, Sentido Latino—Lutheran Hour Ministries' Spanish-language podcast—began airing weekly. Program hosts Rev. Luciano Vega-Ayala and Deaconess Noemi Guerra present themes of daily life which address the cultural, moral, and social challenges Hispanics face daily in their lives in the United States. Drawing from a rich and time-honored Christian-Latin perspective, program hosts tackle issues with insight and humor, engaging listeners with a lively exchange of good advice and godly wisdom for their journey.

Sentido Latino means "Latin sense," and its tagline, "Donde tu vida tiene Sentido," means "Where Your Life Makes Sense." Launched in 2018, each 15-20-minute podcast raises and discusses issues and values that directly impact the family, spiritual, and community life of U.S. Hispanics. According to Producer Beatriz Hoppe, "Through Sentido Latino we want to accompany you in this adventure called 'life.' And if during our walk together you get to meet the Author and Giver of life, we will have achieved our goal."

Upcoming program titles over the next couple of months highlight the family-oriented nature of many of the Sentido Latino's podcasts: "How to Show Respect to Your Spouse," "Discipline that Bears Fruits," Stressed-out Parents," and "The Importance of Being a Father."

You can check out Sentido Latino by clicking here! The website provides transcripts for each program; offers articles and suggestions for real-life application and provides free downloadable resources. Its accompanying Facebook page @sentidolatino engages a wider audience with daily inspirational quotes and images that can be shared via Facebook and other social media. "Un camino mejor" (A Better Way), a weekly one-minute reflection, is also shared via the web, Facebook, and WhatsApp with an even larger audience.

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