April 2, 2019

Praise God!
That's what the fourth session of Lutheran Hour Ministries' latest Bible study is all about: praising God. Now available in the March-April issue of The Lutheran Layman. Nurturing Your Faith: Prayers of Praise looks at how praising God—simply reveling in His gracious goodness—is a good and right thing to do.

As you may know by now, each of Nurturing Your Faith's four sessions includes an online video featuring Rev. Don Everts, content development manager for Global Ministries. In these brief videos, he highlights how the particular prayer type being considered can become part of our personal lives of prayer.

All four sessions of Nurturing Your Faith can be accessed online by clicking here where Scripture citations are included in full. Also included are reflection questions to explore specific examples of prayers of praise in the Bible and their relevance for us today. Introductory words and concluding comments give the reader context, and a prayer concludes the study. This study can be downloaded and printed for individual or group use or, if you have a copy of the Layman, can be clipped from the paper and saved that way.

Now that session four is "on the books," this study is heading toward DVD compilation and will be available soon for purchase in that format.

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