April 2, 2019

April 27: Men's NetWork WORK DAY Number Seven
For those guys still on the fence, wondering whether to do or not to do, we have a suggestion: please do. Getting a WORK DAY job for your men's group is probably easier than you think. A couple of phone calls to a potential beneficiary of your services, a text message or two to someone or some place you know could use a hand for a few hours, and ... bingo! —your men's group can be making a big difference in the lives of others this year.

April 27 is the Saturday we set aside to "officially" hold the Men's NetWork WORK DAY, but you can do it on another day if that day doesn't gel with your group's schedule. Hundreds of guys have already signed up, and we'd love to see your group added to the roster. There have been so many people helped by this effort over the years, and so many great stories of thanks and faith that have come out of it.

This is your chance, too, to strengthen the bond in your group. Anybody who's put some time and effort into helping others knows the wonderful blessings that result—both for the receivers and the doers!

And don't think whatever you may be considering as a job isn't needed or might be off point for some reason. We've seen jobs that took a few tools, several tools, or no tools. Guys have gathered, collected, hauled, transported, distributed, and spread. They've painted, nailed, scrubbed, raked, washed, and fastened.

Groups do their work in a variety of ways: they come up with their own projects; they ask local organizations how they can join in and help; they team up with works in progress; and in the process, they share God's love by doing what Jesus did: serve others.

It's fun. It's easy (for the most part). It's rewarding.

You can access the Men's NetWork's registration and sign-up pages and learn more by clicking here.

You can find WORK DAY job suggestions on our website. Be sure to check them out; one of them might be just the right fit for your group.

Online registrations received at Lutheran Hour Ministries by mid-April (it's super-fast and easy) gives us time to get all the participants in your group caps to wear for your event.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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