March 5, 2019

We Can All Use a Little Help Sometimes
The last Saturday in April, the 27th, is a day your men's group can do some real good in your community. That's the day of the seventh annual Men's NetWork WORK DAY, a day set aside (ends up being a few hours, really) where guys get out into their neighborhoods and communities and tackle a job or two to help someone who needs a hand. Factoid: it's a chance to show the body of Christ in action.

The reality is there's plenty of work to do off our church campuses that can impact the lives of others in a major way. With a little effort, you can probably find clean-up jobs that need doing; a project that some elderly person needs completed; a local organization your group can "partner with" for a day and help out; or some other way your local community can be served by your men's group.

You can access our registration and sign-up pages at the Men's NetWork by clicking here. You can also find some suggestions for WORK DAY jobs on our website. Be sure to check them out; one of them might be just the job your group is looking for.

Be sure to register your men's group project on our website by April 12 (it's super-fast and easy) in order to receive Men's NetWork caps for your participants.

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