March 5, 2019

Getting Past Being Tongue-Tied in Faith Conversations
The top story in the March-April issue of The Lutheran Layman focuses how we talk about matters of faith. Employing the paradigm of an "eager (E-A-G-E-R) conversationalist," Rev. Don Everts, content development manager for LHM, spells out how we can all be better witnesses to our Savior. He does this, in part, by explaining The Spiritual Conversation Curve, a three-faceted description of how we can more effectively relate to others by graciously adapting to their spiritual posture and then tailoring our speech accordingly.

Elsewhere in this issue, the fourth installment of the Nurturing Your Faith Bible study is included. It's on prayers of praise. For those interested in what we're doing, say, off the coast of East Africa, we have a report from Layman Editor Chad Fix on the radio work LHM is doing in Madagascar; he also shares some changed-life stories from around the world. Recently, LHM, along with other ministry professionals, attended the Best Practices for Ministry Conference in Phoenix. There LHM shared its Barna-based research and resources and learned from numerous other groups on what they were doing in their fields of ministry. Also included in this issue are candidate bios for the Lutheran Laymen's League Board of Directors; another look at LHM's Lenten devotions by Dr. Kari Vo; LHM's attendance at the InterVarsity Mission Conference in St. Louis; a full recap of the Men's NetWork's GIVES BACK event; the work of the Petal Pushers on various Tournament of Roses Parade floats; a look at the power of setting up a charitable gift annuity; and much more.

Comments from Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler, Speaker for The Lutheran Hour are included, along with those from Phil Johnson, chairman of the Int'l LLL Board of Directors.

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