February 5, 2019

Seven Years Running: the Men's NetWork WORK DAY
Men's groups involved in past WORK DAY events can tell you that those doing the work benefit as much as the people receiving the work. That's the beauty of it—the win-win nature of WORK DAY.

This year's WORK DAY is Saturday, April 27, and it's our seventh year. The motivating power behind WORK DAY is the chance to help others. It lets men's groups get out and flex a little muscle to serve their neighbors and communities, showing themselves to be the hands and feet of Jesus in action.

There are lots of ways to help your communities: odd jobs for the elderly; clean-up jobs for a local park or public use area; small building projects, hauling trash, repair jobs, painting, organizing, and so on. The more you can work off your church's campus, the more likely you can impact those who don't have a connection to church or God.

For the record, groups doing work for WORK DAY do not need to be an official church men's group to participate. If you've got a few buddies and you've got a job you'd like to tackle, then for sure sign up. We welcome your participation!

Soon you'll be able to access our registration and sign-up pages at the Men's NetWork by clicking here. You can also find some suggestions for WORK DAY jobs on our website. Be sure to check them out; there are some good ideas in there.

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