October 30, 2018

Current Issue of The Lutheran Layman Marks a Blessed Year at LHM
In the Nov.-Dec. issue of The Lutheran Layman, you can read an interesting Q&A with our new Speaker for The Lutheran Hour, Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler. We also highlight some intriguing background on several of the Speakers who preceded him.

Articles on SENT, LHM's ongoing initiative to take the Gospel to the world, show how LHM is supplying expertise and resources to laity and church professionals so people everywhere can hear about Jesus. Of SENT's funding goal of $242 million, some $162 million or 67 percent has been reached -- praise God!

Other items of interest in this issue highlight 50 years' worth of dedicated service by Paulo Warth in Brazil and with LHM's ministry center there. Two stories give some excellent results about people using LHM resources at fair booths. Articles on LHM's media work with SAT-7 in the Middle East and LHM's efforts with children through Project JOEL in Uruguay show promising work done internationally.

Additionally, articles address the second Nurturing Your Faith Bible study (prayers of gratitude); and a new LHM Learn course: Eager to Share: The DNA of Eager Conversationalists. Another story looks at how the Daily Devotions are now structured, going forward. A look at this year's Men's NetWork GIVES BACK event is on the inside cover of the back page and offers suggestions on how men's groups and others can serve their neighbors this coming Christmas season.

One sad (for LHM) but joyous (for him) note is the announcement of Dr. Gerry Perschbacher's retirement as editor of The Lutheran Layman. He's been a fixture here for four decades and always brought a wealth of expertise and good humor to his work. We wish him all the best in the days ahead.

Readers will also find comments from Phil Johnson, chairman of the Int'l LLL Board of Directors; and Kurt Buchholz, president and CEO of LHM.

To check out the current issue online, go to LHM's homepage when you click here; then drop down to the bottom right of the page and you'll find it.

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  • IN, Seymour: 2019 Men's Gathering
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