September 4, 2018

Decorations for the World: Pushing Petals for the Rose Parade
The Petal Pushers, the group decorating Lutheran Hour Ministries' Rose Bowl float and a number of others each year, is looking for volunteers to work in its outreach booth in Pasadena, California. This will be parade number 130 in the Tournament of Roses Parade's distinguished and eventful history. The 2019 parade theme is "The Melody of Life." It celebrates the universal language of music.

The title of LHM's float is "Joy to the World. The Lord Is Come." How appropriate the only Christian-themed parade float will celebrate the birth of the Savior with one of the most recognizable and beloved Christmas carols! According to Lou Marting, a career volunteer at this event, "This hymn proclaims the greatest of life's melodies, the sweet song of salvation -- victory over sin, death, and the evil one -- and the eternal reign of Christ. Let trumpets sound, let choirs in heaven and on earth rejoice and 'repeat the sounding joy!' This treasured hymn is a summary of the overarching narrative of salvation."

Those who have participated in the hard work and fun of decorating these astounding floats have wonderful stories to share. If you would like to know more about this long-running, high-profile ministry effort, you can click here for details and schedules.

Please include a note in the comment box on this form if you would like to be an outreach booth volunteer.

Do you have questions about becoming a Petal Pushers volunteer? If so, please direct your queries to Lou Marting at

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