September 4, 2018

Empower Your Men's Group with Advent Devotions from LHM
Arriving in early October, this year's Advent devotions make an excellent resource for your church or men's group to follow the Christmas story. The Coming King by Dr. Kari Vo, shows how God worked through a diverse cast of characters when He brought His Son into the world. From everyday guys tending sheep to muckety-mucks at the local king's court, each played a part. We see Mary and Joseph, legions of angels, Zechariah and Elizabeth, Simeon, the shepherds, wise men from the east, and even King Herod all appearing in the Gospel narrative.

It's a story for every man, and it's an everyman story.

Such a varied ensemble makes it perfect for our modern fondness for diversity-and a great resource for sharing with others. For instance, when the Gospels were first written they were passed among groups and individuals interested in what they had to say. They encouraged those who already believed; they attracted others with their profound message of God's love and redemption.

With LHM's seasonal devotions, it's like the first century all over again where you can do the same thing. Leading up to the holidays, why not round up the e-mail addresses of some people you know who could use a bit of good cheer this Christmas? Then, send a brief note to your neighbor, your buddy in the bowling league, your cubemate at work, or your insurance agent, inviting them to LHM's English or Spanish Advent websites, with a tagline like "I have something for you this Christmas!" or "Here's a story you don't want to miss!"

It's such a simple thing to do, and like God's love, it's free!

You can get The Coming King as text or listen to it via our podcast. You can access the downloadable version, which includes a large-font text and bulletin inserts on October 2. You can receive these devotions daily during the Advent season as an e-mail subscription, beginning December 2. Audio availability begins on December 3 with Mark Eischer, senior producer for The Lutheran Hour, reading the devotions. Visit for all the details in early October.

El Rey que viene, the Spanish-language version, will be available to read online or can be received as an e-mail subscription through the Advent season beginning December 2; the print version will be available for download on October 2. Please go to in early October.

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