August 7, 2018

Power Bank: Middle East TV from LHM and SAT-7
Lutheran Hour Ministries has teamed up with SAT-7, a long-time provider of quality television programming in numerous countries throughout the Middle East and North Africa to produce and televise Power Bank. It's a television series for youth and young families that's culturally relevant and will focus on sharing the message of God's love. In a region waylaid by poverty, unpredictable violence, religious tensions, and ethnic divisions, the television is both a refuge and a welcome diversion.

This LHM-SAT-7 partnership is geared to reach tens of millions with the Good News of Jesus. To get more details about this critical outreach effort, you can click here!

To find out more about SAT-7 and the good work they already do, click here!

To see some of Power Bank in action, click here.

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