August 7, 2018

Doing What We Can, Where We Can, When We Can
Lutheran Hour Ministries does work in more than 30 countries. Beneficiaries of this work are often living lives of poverty and desperation. Take, for instance, the family in the picture on the front page. They're in Lebanon, a country hosting multitudes from Syria, Iraq, and beyond. Lending a Christ-like hand to such people is done by our ministry center in Beirut, which daily assists the homeless and helpless.

Globally, LHM is bringing the Gospel (through preaching, teaching, acting, music, printed curricula, audio resources, and more) to people of many nationalities and languages each and every day. Using a variety of culturally appropriate venues and media, LHM's foreign staff and dedicated volunteers connect with local populations to make their lives better both physically and spiritually.

This on-the-ground ministry is done through workshops and large rallies, by word of mouth, and the sacrificial work of people who share the love of Jesus in practical, tangible ways. As people are brought to faith by the Holy Spirit, LHM's staff and volunteers work hard to help new believers grow in their faith and, whenever possible, guide them to area Lutheran congregations where their faith can be nurtured.

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