March 6, 2018

How Are Your Men's NetWork WORK DAY Plans Coming?
There's less than two months before this year's WORK DAY on Saturday, April 28.

What the WORK DAY is is a chance to spend a few hours on the last Saturday of April doing something really useful for somebody else. Few things give us that feel-good vibe like helping somebody out, especially if that person has a pressing need. After all, that's really the heart and soul of Jesus' message: to help others, to care for and serve others, to show the world what being the hands and feet of Jesus is all about.

And that's what the Men's NetWork WORK DAY on Saturday, April 28, is all about.

We're encouraging men's groups to taking their tools and talents into their neighborhoods and communities (i.e. off their church grounds or school campus) and lend a hand to those who need it. The idea here is for the Men's NetWork WORK DAY to be a few hours of real outreach into the community. Here's where your work can build rapport and a chance to share the Gospel in the future.

Registration details and sign-up pages are available. You can access them by clicking here . You can also find some suggestions for WORK DAY jobs on our website. Be sure to check them out; there are some good ideas in there.

Don't forget your "group" doesn't need to be an official men's group from a church to participate in the WORK DAY. If you've got a few buddies and you've got a job you'd like to tackle, please sign up. We invite and welcome your participation!

And if for some reason the last Saturday in April doesn't work with your group's schedule, you can do a WORK DAY any day of the year! Just kindly let us know what you're doing. We want to see what everyone is working on out there.

As always, those joining the fun will receive a Men's NetWork cap to wear the day of the event.

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