December 26, 2017

Insights from the Speaker Not Speaking
The Lutheran Hour's new Reflections segment gives Speakers Ken Klaus and Dale Meyer a chance to weigh in on the message of the other Speaker's sermon for that Sunday.

"We now have the luxury of two very accomplished men sharing the microphone. Because of this, we have a unique opportunity to feature both on each week's program: the preaching Speaker will deliver the message, while the other will dig into a sermon-related topic or theme in the Reflections segment. Patterned like the Digging Deeper links in our video-based Bible studies, the Reflections segment gives listeners a chance to consider the sermon from another angle," said Jim Arand, associate director for The Lutheran Hour.

Since November, sermons on The Lutheran Hour have been preached by Klaus and Meyer. Together these veteran broadcasters have more than 20 years of service behind the microphone for Lutheran Hour Ministries. If The Lutheran Hour does not air on one of the nearly 1,800 stations in North America that's near you, listeners can still access every message from the program's archives on its website. The broadcast can be heard anytime online by clicking here.

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