November 28, 2017

A Man for All Seasons ~ but Especially for Christmas
As we approach December, it's only right St. Nick takes center stage (behind Jesus, that is).

And that's where you'll find him in this informative, single-session Bible study. Hosted by Rev. Dr. Ken Klaus, Speaker Emeritus of The Lutheran Hour, he examines a man who, next to Jesus Christ, is the most significant man this time of year.

This Bible study surveys St. Nick and the age-old traditions surrounding him. Dating back to the third century, St. Nick is attributed with the doing of a multitude of kindly acts and generous benevolences. A list of internet links in the discussion guide gives users numerous sources of information and fascinating tidbits about this larger-than-life figure. Exploring these you'll learn about the persecution he faced under the Roman Emperor Diocletian. You'll also see how -- using ancient relics and modern science -- a team of forensic specialists has reconstructed an image of dear ole' St. Nick's mug.

In the end, what St. Nick has set down for us all is a lifestyle of service to the Lord Jesus Christ. Whether it's staying the executioner's blade from the neck of three innocents, bailing out a man's daughters from certain prostitution with a gift of gold, or simply giving children presents, St. Nick took his faith to the streets and made a difference -- a global difference -- as a follower of the Christ.

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