September 5, 2017

Upcoming Advent Devotions Highlight God's Love
As your church makes fall and winter ministry plans, be sure to consider LHM's seasonal devotions as part of the mix. This year's devotion, Love Came Down, was penned by Dr. Kari Vo, theological writer at LHM. With an eye to the nuance and grandeur of the biblical account, she has written a set of meditations designed to help readers pause and contemplate the sublime wonder of the Christmas season. These devotions will be available to access on October 2.

Of Love Came Down, Vo writes, "When I write devotions, I do the best I can to make each one a kind of window through which readers can see the God who loves and cares about them. That means trying to write as clearly as possible and always asking the Holy Spirit for help. God shows Himself in His mercy, goodness, and holiness in every passage in the Bible -- even in the 'begats' of Jesus' ancestry. I hope that through these devotions, people will be brought closer to Jesus Christ, their Savior, who is the Love that came down from heaven to make them His own."

Lutheran Hour Ministries' 2017 Advent devotions, Love Came Down, will be available for download and printing (large-font text, bulletin inserts, bulletin shells, and PowerPoint slides) in English on October 2. Our Spanish-language version, Llegó el Amor, will be available for print on October 2.

Visit for the English and for the Spanish on October 2. At that time, you can print them for distribution and utilize the above features to include them in your congregation's Nativity celebrations this year. Both the English and Spanish go live on December 3.

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