March 7, 2017

Deal with It: Handling Anxiety through Project Connect
Life in this world is no cakewalk. Every day we're faced with things or circumstances or people that test our mettle and leave us scratching our heads. Encounter enough of these circumstances and stress and anxiety can become an unwelcome but familiar part of our frame of mind.

In the Project Connect booklet No Need to Fear: Dealing with Anxiety, author Donald Deffner gives readers solid advice and constructive approaches to managing the stressful things in our lives.

With Christ at the helm in our lives, undue anxiety needn't be a part of our daily routine. Granted, there will always be issues we have to deal with, but being sidelined by our fears shouldn't be the norm in our lives. God sent His Son to conquer everything that would defeat us, and that includes all the stuff that lurks in our heads and tears us down.

You can get a FREE copy of this booklet by clicking here and downloading a PDF or ordering a booklet from us, on the house.

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