March 7, 2017

Join the Launch: THRED Is Now Live
If you haven't heard, Lutheran Hour Ministries' newest outreach ministry -- THRED -- kicked into gear this February. Using digital outreach as its vehicle to connect, it invites people from all walks of life, with all sorts of viewpoints, belief systems, or even non-belief systems, into conversations about faith, God, life, death, heaven, Jesus, morality, and pretty much whatever pops up.

Here are a few comments from people who have already engaged in online discussions.

"This is beautiful. The essence of tolerance doesn't mean we agree.... The essence of tolerance is respect."

"Religion is a big passion of mine. As I reject all claims, I still find the topic very interesting."

"I wish more people could sit down and talk about things like this with each other. I really think this world would be a better place if we could be rational and loving toward each other's individual views."

Isn't it nice when we can agree to disagree?

THRED is digital; its initial focal point is a Facebook page, which you can access by clicking here.

Here, people are invited and welcomed into discussions about thought-provoking topics.

"That's why LHM has called this outreach THRED," says project lead Andrew Fitzgerald. "When people participate in an online discussion, it's called a thread. The whole idea of THRED is for it to be a safe place for people to converse about things they care about. And while THRED unapologetically presents a Christian point-of-view, it also presents an environment that is open to all perspectives."

For those with questions or who desire to dig a little deeper into issues such as relationships, community, culture, God & Christianity, and a host of other contemporary issues, there's THRED's website. It publishes short and long articles on life and faith themes. You can get there by clicking here.

"THRED is also designed to serve as a path, if you will," explains Fitzgerald. "Someone who engages with THRED's content can move through THRED into closer and closer community with thoughtful people of faith. We envision THRED bringing Christ to the nations -- and the nations to the church in whole new ways."

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