August 8, 2017


The Wait Is Over: Martin Luther, Part 3, Is Here!
The medieval world of Martin Luther and his contemporaries was one dominated by the Roman Catholic Church. While the Catholic Church was increasingly called into question for its practices and doctrines by vocal reformers who both preceded and followed Luther, it was the posting of his 95 Theses that brought things to a head.

In Martin Luther Parts 1 and 2, viewers stepped inside the life of Luther and saw the fascinating cast of characters and events that marked his world and the times in which he lived. In A Man Named Martin - Part 3: The Movement, viewers will see how the work of reformers like John Wycliffe, Martin Luther, John Calvin, and others set in motion societal changes that altered their world and the world we live in today.

Luther's ascent to the world's stage was marked by the posting of his 95 Theses. It was a bold action he hoped would spark a constructive and ongoing discussion with Catholic Church superiors on clerical abuses and other matters. It produced discussion, to be sure, along with a whirlwind of church dissent against this brazen friar from Germany -- a lowly professor who presumed he could buck centuries-old tradition with radical ideas from the Scriptures he read and cherished.

In the years between Martin Luther's 95 Theses (1517) to the signing of the Peace of Westphalia (1648), there were tumultuous changes in the social, political, and theological fabric of Europe. In Martin Luther, Part 3, viewers will see how the Reformation accelerated the transformation of a world already in flux. While bloody wars and crises in the arenas of politics and theology put a strain on millions in medieval Europe, the march of the Reformation left its imprint on culture and citizen alike. Everything from education, politics, science, theology, marriage, and the family -- even extending to one's view of vocation and his or her relationship to God -- came under the shaping and seminal influence of the Reformation.

From our vantage point, Luther would have been mystified to see how revolutionary his action before the church door at Wittenberg turned out to be. "Luther starts small. It starts innocently, but God has other intentions for this. His intention is to bring truth back to His church, and that's what the real legacy is. The Gospel's being proclaimed again. The promise is there. The clarity of God's truth is there. That's the great heritage. And that, I think, is the responsibility that we who carry the name 'Lutheran' have today," said Dr. Joel Biermann, one of the interviewees in this program.

A Man Named Martin - Part 3: The Movement features five sessions, along with a discussion guide. You can order your copy today by clicking here.

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Three Outreach Courses from LHM Go Online August 1
Lutheran Hour Ministries' first three FREE online courses: Intergenerational Mentoring, Sharing Your Faith Stories, and Christ and His Kingdom are now online. Only live for a little more than a week, response to these courses has been brisk. Each course provides resources, teaching, and strategies to help users share their faith and better understand the dynamics of relating to others. Courses include six days of activities that help you dig deeper into an important biblical concept. Personal journaling is another feature that allows users to record their thoughts and interact on page with biblical texts.

Live Wednesday webinars each week will explore additional content and give participants the chance to interact in a real-time environment where they can ask questions and provide feedback. The first webinar ran last Wednesday, August 2.

In only the first few days since launching LHM's new online courses, more than 700 are now signed up for one or more of the courses. Beyond the U.S. and Canada, international interest has come from people in Nigeria, Turkey, Thailand, Switzerland, Australia, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Guam, India, Philippines, and Brazil. Individuals from denominations outside The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod have signed up as well. These include Catholics, Episcopalians, and Presbyterians.

And this is only the beginning!

To find out more about these thought-provoking courses and how to sign up, click here.

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Grab Your Cap or Shirt for the Men's NetWork
This summer we're looking for pictures from travelers, far and wide. Whether you're on a Mediterranean beach, hiking through the Rockies, or standing near the near bottom of the world, we welcome all shots. Make sure you're wearing a Men's NetWork cap and/or shirt when you send them in.

Those who send us a photograph for our WEAR in the World feature are entitled to a monthly premium, which this month is a high-quality T-shirt with white lettering on a red backdrop. It features our global logo, gives our age (1917-2017), and lets the world know we're all about Bringing Christ to the Nations -- and the Nations to the Church.

Qualifying pictures for our WEAR in the World feature get posted to our website and will likely appear in our twice-monthly e-newsletter.

Here's how to get your T-shirt:

1. The photo must show you wearing a recognizable Men's NetWork item -- hat or shirt.

2. The picture must be of an identifiable and commonly accepted landmark location! We define this as the majority of the judges can view the picture and immediately recognize where the photo was taken. If the judges have to go to the internet to find the location, it's probably not easily recognizable. NOTE: standing by a sign naming the location in the picture may not make it commonly recognizable either, unless, of course, the pyramids are rising in the background.

3. To get your T-shirt, you must include your full mailing information.

4. The decision of our esteemed and impartial panel of judges is final.

Click here for more information and the submission process. You'll see the box at the top right of the page.

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Television That Spans Two Centuries: This Is the Life
The 30-minute television format remains a staple in the industry -- just as it was in 1952 when This Is the Life first aired. Today, you can revisit some classic episodes from this long-running religious program in a special DVD compilation from Lutheran Hour Ministries. It features nine popular episodes from this award-winning program.

You'll see several stars doing some very early work. If you're new to the show, check out Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek), Mike Farrell (M*A*S*H), Daniel Travanti (Hill Street Blues), Angie Dickinson (Police Woman), and Jack Nicholson (A Few Good Men), as they ply their craft at the onset of their careers, way before they became familiar faces on TV and in the movies.

You can get these excellent television programs from LHM in two ways: one is This Is the Life: Classics on DVD for $34.95. This includes nine episodes and features stories of God's extraordinary love in action in the lives of ordinary people.

For those who want it all, there's the This Is the Life: Classics Deluxe DVD Set for $39.95. This option features the nine episodes, along with a bonus disc, containing discussion material for each episode, a dozen behind-the-scenes photos, and video extras.

You can get the details on these two offers by clicking here.

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Outreach Booth Volunteers Wanted For Rose Bowl Parade
The Petal Pushers -- the group decorating Lutheran Hour Ministries' Rose Bowl float and a number of others each year -- is looking for volunteers to work in its outreach booth in Pasadena, California, this December. The 2018 Tournament of Roses Parade on New Year's Day will be number 129 in the parade's long and distinguished history. The parade theme is "Making a Difference."

The title of LHM's 2018 float is "Bringing Christ to the Nations." This title fits perfectly the service that outreach booth volunteers will be engaged in. They will be front-line points of contact with hundreds, if not thousands, of people visiting the area to see the parade and watch the Rose Bowl football game.

According to Lou Marting, a Petal Pusher volunteer who's worked on this project for years, the whole Rose Bowl experience offers numerous opportunities for sharing one's faith and encouraging others. It's a great venue to talk about the Good News of Jesus with visitors, per His command in Matthew 28:19, and there will be many chances to share how Jesus makes a difference in the life of every person in the world, according to Marting.

If you would like to know more about this long-running, high-profile ministry effort, you can click here for details and schedules.

Please include a note in the comment box on this form if you would like to be an outreach booth volunteer.

Do you have questions about becoming a Petal Pushers volunteer? If so, please direct your queries to Lou Marting at

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The Best Job You'll Ever Have
Remember those jobs as a youngster when you first started to make some real money, earning a bona fide paycheck? For some of us, it was cleaning out the grease pit at a convenience store "kitchen," specializing in chicken wings, low-grade burgers, and French fries. For others, it might have been washing dishes at some local dive. For those of you loving the great outdoors, there was carrying stacks of roofing shingles up a ladder or hauling hay for some area farmer, who just might have been your dad or grandpa.

For me one of the hardest jobs I ever had was performing the exhausting repetitiveness of assembly line work, trying to keep up with the flow of experienced workers while staying focused on the task at hand.

Each of us keeps a memory tucked into the corner of our mind of the hardest jobs we ever had to do. It's good to pull that memory out once in awhile, so we can put our current job in perspective.

For example, a veteran sitting all day long in an air-conditioned office, attending boring meetings can seem like an endless grind, but it's absolutely delightful next to being yelled at by drill sergeants and endless hours of physical training.

When it comes down to it, hard jobs aren't always defined by soaring temperatures, blitzed muscles, or intolerable bosses; they can also be measured by the amount of stress produced, anxiety raised, or nightmares unleashed.

I'm good with doing most anything physical or mental; the hardest job for me involves relationships. For instance, being a husband is a daily challenge, as my role and responsibilities often change with each sunrise. And the transition from husband to father creates numerous opportunities for other hard jobs as well: changing diapers, giving baths, helping with homework, encouraging broken hearts, teaching teens to drive, and being a worthwhile role model.

In truth, my job as husband and dad rival any of the stresses I might experience in the workplace, but the payoff is by far better, and it's a role I wouldn't trade for all the air-conditioned corner offices and six-figure salaries in the world.

One reason for this are the fantastic fringe benefits that come with this "job" -- like watching my son pitch his first game, seeing my daughter nail a half gainer off the high dive, or sitting around a campfire with both of them and my wife, savoring the last few days of summer vacation before the kids head back to school in a couple of weeks.

You had hard jobs, and you've had satisfying ones as well. Drop us a line and tell us what worked for you and what didn't when it came to those early jobs. Let us know, too, how things are today.

You can do this by clicking here and dropping us a note.

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