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If you have:

  • Nearly gotten into a physical altercation over whether dry rub or sauce it's authentic barbeque
  • Cringed when someone said "I don't eat barbeque"
  • Spent more than a few hours collecting the perfect combination of wood(s) for smoking
  • Routinely shoveled a path through the snow to your pit, smoker, grill etc….
  • Discuss the flavor complexities of wood, briquettes, or lump charcoal like a wine connoisseur
  • Stayed up all night tending to a pig roast
  • A last will and testament that will finally reveal your secret barbequing ingredient(s)

You're our guy!

Now we recognize that some special techniques/ingredients may be off limits on principle alone…we get that, BUTT (pork preferably) on the chance that you have some useful tips - and not-so-secret recipes - we'd love to hear about them! Beef, pork, yardbird, turkey ...everything is fair game (pun intended). And if you got something really unique bring it on!: elk, moose, bison, wild boar, venison, pheasant, as you send them in, we'll post 'em. To make it fun, include a photo if you'd like!

To take this beyond just the BBQ grill, we want to include a smoker, campfire, pit - basically anything you use fire with outdoors! OK, we'll even let you post a chili or soup recipe (even if you cheat and make it indoors - but… it better be good!)

Do you have a recipe to share?
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