Are You a BBQ Master?

Hello. When God created the beasts of the earth and the birds of the air, we suspect He might have had barbecue in mind—in other words, grillin'! Some guys wait until the kick-off of summer to stoke their grills to life. Others grill year round, no matter where they live, no matter what the temperature, no matter who’s coming to dinner.

In honor of this fireside avocation, we at the Men's NetWork were batting around some of our own grill favorites. Then we brainstormed another idea: how about getting as many favorites as we could? That’s where you guys come in. Below you’ll find some first-rate methods for cooking steaks, ribs, chops, chicken, corn, seafood and more. And the marinades, rubs, glazes and sauces these folks have concocted … well, let’s just say, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy this summer (and all year long for the TRUE grillin' aficionados).

So, long story short—join the fun and send us your favorite grillin’ recipes! We’ll post them here, along with a picture you send, and you’ll revel in knowing your creation is delighting hungry mouths far and wide.

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Christmas Duck
Provided by: Steve Allen - Columbia College/Rolla
Christmas Duck in our family is the result of a compromise between my mother and I many long years ago. As a kid, I wanted Goose, but she didn't like Goose. So we split the difference and tried Duck.
Ingredients & Directions >>

Greybeard's Chicken in Wine Sauce
Provided by: Rev. Rick Boshoven - Trinity Memorial Lutheran
This is a fun and easy "fancy" dinner on the deck with friends.
Ingredients & Directions >>

Grilled Whitefish
Provided by: Rev. Kevin Jones - Immanuel, Bay City, MI
Upon moving to northern Michigan, our family fell in love with fresh grilled whitefish.
Ingredients & Directions >>

Brown Sugar and Mustard Salmon
Provided by: E. Karmel
This is so simple it is ridiculous.
Ingredients & Directions >>

Serbian Cevapcici (Spicy Grilled Sausage)
Provided by: Zachary Hubbard
Serve with a side of some grilled pita and plain yogurt for dipping.
Ingredients & Directions >>

Forget the charcoal lighter fluid!!!
Provided by: Rev. Gary Siefert - St. Paul Lutheran
For the 'purists' of us who insist charcoal is the only way to grill (myself included)
Ingredients & Directions >>

Marinated Chicken Breasts
Provided by: Rev. Thomas P. Haas - Grace Lutheran - Orange, TX
This is so simple it is ridiculous.
Ingredients & Directions >>

Smoked Beef Brisket
Provided by: Aaron Goeke - Boerne, TX
This may be a much longer recipe than you are used to, but a perfect brisket (like a perfect diamond) takes time, heat, and optimal conditions.
Ingredients & Directions >>

Smoked Beer Butt Chicken
Provided by: The Brutcher Boys
Be careful, this picture will make you hungry!
Ingredients & Directions >>

Fajita Marinade
Provided by: Tom Mollet -Immanuel Church
Roast a few red bell peppers and onions, pop a couple of beverages and enjoy.
Ingredients & Directions >>

Barbecued Pork Chops
Provided by: Perry Laraine - Cooking Light
A simple 8-ingredient marinade brings out the flavor of these chops.
Ingredients & Directions >>

Beer Cheese
Provided by: Eugene Brison - Cross Men's Club
This is a good dip or a dollop goes well on beef or pork chop!! Try it, I think you'll like it!
Ingredients & Directions >>

Easiest ribs ever !
Provided by: Bob Blaske
I sure don't like to admit this, but the slow cooker is one of the easiest ways to cook up a slab of baby backs in no time at all.
Ingredients & Directions >>

Provided by: Mark Napravnik
This was my first time smoking pork butt and everybody raved how moist and tender it was.
Ingredients & Directions >>

Grilled Summer Corn
Provided by: Dennis Ouellette
This recipe is done on a Weber grill. The coals (about 18-24 coals) are placed on one side of the grill and not distributed evenly across the bottom. This is the technique used at "The Weber Grill" restaurants.
Ingredients & Directions >>

Red River Chili and Beans
Provided by: Rev. Michael L Mueller
This is the best chili that I've ever tasted. It goes well with bar-b-que lime chicken, beef short ribs or baby back ribs.
Ingredients & Directions >>

Baby Back Ribs
Provided by: Steve Dressler - King of Glory New Kent
I'd rather stay home and have these than order ribs out any day!
Ingredients & Directions >>

Marinated Brisket
Provided by: Tom Witt - St Paul Men's Group, Sheboygan Falls,WI
A simple marinade for a small beef brisket
Ingredients & Directions >>

Barbecued Steak Stuffed with Thyme, Ginger & Bacon
Provided by: David
Made these for a bunch of guys at my home. All the prep got their attention: "This is special." That translated into the conversation the rest of the evening. Lives were changed.
Ingredients & Directions >>

Philippine Pork Sticks
Provided by: Bill Louk
Would you change your plans if you found out your host was going to make these???
Ingredients & Directions >>

Rejas from Tejas
Provided by: Josh B.
"That would be pork tenderloin!"
Ingredients & Directions >>

Provided by: Mike Edwards
Bacon and sausage - What could be better than that??
Ingredients & Directions >>

Liver Lifter - Honey Glaze Marinade
Provided by: David Reit - Spirit of Life Lutheran Church
While the MNW team thinks NOTHING can make liver taste good, we're willing to let this guy take a crack at it!
Ingredients & Directions >>

Texas Style Baby Back Ribs
Provided by: Keith Sadler
I have been cooking our ribs this way for several years and this gives you great flavor and tenderness.
Ingredients & Directions >>

Grilled Double Cut Pork Chops with Braised Cabbage
Provided by: Davit Katz - Esquire Magazine
Who made the rule that your grill must be in lockdown from Labor Day to Memorial Day?
Ingredients & Directions >>

Jack Daniel's Rib Glaze
Provided by: S. Sallee - Lutheran Hour Ministries
Use this barbecue sauce toward the end of cooking. You want the sauce to cook on to the surface of the ribs, but you don't want it to burn.
Ingredients & Directions >>

Texas Pork Spareribs
Provided by: S. Sallee - Lutheran Hour Ministries
These "fall off the bone" pork ribs are a little bit of work to prepare, but definitely worth it. Just read through the recipe and you'll be drooling before you know it!
Ingredients & Directions >>

Mexican Fiesta Fajita Marinade
Provided by: Jon Copeland
This recipe makes enough to marinate vegetables, chicken and shrimp for ten fajita eaters.
Ingredients & Directions >>

Grilled Asparagus with Lemon Marinade
Provided by: Rick Browne - Barbecue America TV series
OK guys! Many of you might need help with this, but if you have to serve something "healthy" with your meat entre and want to impress her with your grilling skills... try this!
Ingredients & Directions >>

Grilled Corn
Provided by: Jimmy Craqt
If you have to have something other than meat, this might fill the need! Be sure to soak the corn husks in water before grilling, or they will burn.
Ingredients & Directions >>

KC Masterpiece Hot and Saucy Wings!
The KC Masterpiece story started in Kansas City 30 years ago when Dr. Rich Davis - a local physician and barbecue oficionado - decided to make his own sauce. Shortly after, KC Masterpiece won the Best Sauce in the first American Royal Barbecue Competition.
Ingredients & Directions >>

St. Louis Pork Ribs
Provided by: Brian Bistrong
No knives! No forks! Just plenty of napkins! Think great ribs involve a massive smoker and hours of intensive labor? Not necessarily!
Ingredients & Directions >>

Grilled Salmon and Vegetables
Provided by: Thor Berg
A Norwegian Specialty
Ingredients & Directions >>

Bill's Burger Meister Burger
Provided by: Cardwell's Restaurant - St. Louis
Light your fires, grillers, its burger season. Everyone's got a tried-and-true recipe, but the title of burger champ has to go to Bill Cardwell, whose famous Burger Meister Burger has graced Cardwell's at the Plaza's menu since 1994. Quality ingredients make the difference here - Niman Ranch beef, applewood-smoked bacon, buns from Companion and a homemade spiced tomato relish that'll have you off ketchup forever. Happy grilling.
Ingredients & Directions >>

Grilled Flank Steak with Onions
Provided by: Sam Mason - New York, NY
Sounds like a little bit of work, but tasty!
Ingredients & Directions >>

Red‐Neck Turtle Burgers
Provided by:
How can you not enjoy something that involves ground beef, bacon and cheese (and a couple hot dogs to finish it off)?
Ingredients & Directions >>

Jeff's Basic Grilled Chicken Recipe
Provided by: Jeff St. Clair, Wentzville, MO
Sounds basic, but the combination of rub, sauce and especially "timing" make this chicken recipe something to try.
Ingredients & Directions >>

Roast Lamb
Provided by: David McElroy - Camp Liberty
Instructions are listed, but watch the YouTube video for first-hand experience! Watch it on YouTube!
Ingredients & Directions >>

Our Favorite Homemade Grill/Smoker Spice Rub Blend
Provided by: Mike Case - Our Savior Lutheran - Granbury, TX
We've found that the best flavor comes not from sauces, but well seasoned meats cooked slowly on a smoker. We took a donated farm trailer during our Youth Garage sale, added a 250 gal. used propane tank, heavy steel fire boxes and grills and came up with the "Holy Smoker". It has thick steel walls that keep an even heat from a wood fire. We added a side table with gas burners to heat sauces, cook beans, or wok vegetables and condiments.
Ingredients & Directions >>

Bacon Explosion
Provided by:

Ingredients & Directions >>

Greek Island Fish Packets
Provided by: Sarah Guldalian - LHM
OK, we admit it! Women give outdoor BBQ'in a whole new twist. While "fish" isn't really "meat", we know when to pass along a good one!
Ingredients & Directions >>

Justin's Famous Burger
Provided by: Justin Guldalian - St. Louis, MO
Working in a restaurant for a few years has advantages...
Ingredients & Directions >>

St. Louis Style Pork Steaks
Provided by: Dave Dawson, LHM Men's NetWork
St. Louis natives love their pork steak - grilled! Here, it's glazed with a simple but tasty grill sauce of mustard, brown sugar and Worcestershire. The recipe is provided courtesy of Pork, the Other White Meat and THEY suggest serving it with potato salad, warm dinner rolls and fresh fruit. However, the Men's NetWork suggest the only other stuff you'd serve it with is beer and chips.
Ingredients & Directions >>

Thomas' Grilled Italian Chicken Skewers
Provided by: Thomas Majors - Florissant, MO
Chicken on a grill!
Ingredients & Directions >>

BBQ Pork Steaks
Provided by: Chad Fix, St. Louis, MO
What else can we say? You just gotta try them!
Ingredients & Directions >>

Big Daddys Carolina Style Barbecue Sauce
Big Daddy says, "This is Carolina style barbecue sauce." This means that it is vinegar and mustard based, as opposed to the ketchup and molasses based sauces of the mid and southwest. The combination of sweet and tangy flavors brings out the absolute best in grilled or smoked pork or chicken.
Ingredients & Directions >>

St. Louis Barbecue Sauce
Provided by: Rich Cohrs, St. Louis, MO
St. Louis Barbecue Sauce is thinner and has more of a tangy flavor than its Kansas City cousin. Being at the crossroads St. Louis style barbecue has many influences, so there are a number of ways of making this style sauce.
Ingredients & Directions >>

Texas Pork Ribs
Provided by: Jack Morgan - MNW
First the ribs are coated with a very sweet cayenne and garlic mixture and marinated in the fridge for eight hours. Then they 're cooked in the oven until tender and tossed onto a hot grill where they're basted with a yummy BBQ sauce for another ten minutes.
Ingredients & Directions >>

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