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Fatherhood - Discussion Guide  Discussion Guide to be used with the "Fatherhood" Bible study.

Paternidad Guia de Discusion  Discussion Guide IN SPANISH to be used with the Fatherhood Bible study.

Fatherhood - Promo Video (2:00)  

Session 1 - The Fatherhood Continuum (9:55)  

Session 2 - Name Your Target (9:00)  

Session 3 - Missing The Mark (12:25)  

Session 4 - Spiritual Leader, Reporting For Duty (12:35)  

Interview 1 - Howard: Driven Away (10:40)  

Interview 2 - Pastor Hahn: A Healthy Tension (6:59)  

Interview 3 - Jim's Story: Abuse, Dysfunction and Forgiveness (10:49)  

Fatherhood - Bulletin Insert  This is a bulletin insert that you can customize with your church information, time, etc. of your Bible study.

Fatherhood - Customizable Poster  Use this customizable poster to advertise your Bible study. Include date, time and other helpful details.

Fatherhood - PowerPoint Slide  PPT slide to be customized to promote the Bible study in your church.

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