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NE, Omaha: 4th Annual Peak Challenge

July 23, 2009 - July 27, 2009

Host Church: King of Kings

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4th Annual Peak Challenge From a literal perspective, this has been the experience for many men that have made the trek over the last four years on Peak Challenge. This July, 90 men made that journey out to Colorado to face physical challenges in hiking 14,000 foot peaks. They were spiritually challenged through God’s Word that was shared out there and through the use of the Wild Goose Chase book that they read. They had an opportunity for four days to deeply reflect on what unique calling the Holy Spirit has for them. These men had so much fun, got out of their normal cage of routines and saw their faith journey in a whole new light. Being in the mountains for several days with other men that are chasing after the heart of God is powerful… because God uses such an experience to ignite a fire in our bones.

This year, men from churches across the Omaha and Kansas City areas united as a "Band of Brothers" in Colorado. Some hiked six 14,000 foot peaks in two days. Others went whitewater rafting on the Arkansas or mountain biking on the Breckenridge ski trails. All of them heard the Gospel message every night and were challenged to listen to the Holy Spirit and the calling that God has for their lives. There are an amazing amount of God breathed stories that have come out of this experience.

There are great things in store for the 5th Annual Peak Challenge in 2010.

If you or your men are interested, please contact us at or visit us online at

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