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Victim, Validated, Victorious
by Chaplain, Lieutenant Colonel Steven Hokana

There are times when the "blows" we take in life are almost too much to bear. In a world that seems to grow increasingly colder in respect to the value and sanctity of human life, instances of victimization are becoming more frequent. For those who have been hurt or taken advantage of in a major way, their attitude and outlook is often drastically altered. The cause may have been a random act of violence, an abusive parent or spouse, something purely accidental, or a long and bitter childhood in a house loaded with dysfunctional relationships. Whatever the cause, the person suffering this situation -- the victim -- has to move beyond his or her circumstances and emerge from the downward spiral of negativity that often marks a mindset burdened by cynicism and self-defeat.

In this Project Connect booklet, Steven Hokana offers help to individuals grappling with life-shattering events. He reminds them they are not alone and that Christ, this world's ultimate Victim, understands their situation and is ready to help. There will be gains and losses for the person working through their issues; that's inevitable, but with God a lasting victory is available over that thing or things that seemed unbeatable without Him. Hokana also supplies valuable information for those who know someone who has been victimized.

Steven Hokana is an ordained minister in the Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod, a Diplomate in the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, and an active-duty U.S. Army chaplain with 30-plus years of service to our nation. He possesses vast experience in crisis management and has worked with survivors of numerous and varied traumatic events.

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