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Strength and Honor: The Spiritual Warfare against Pornography
by Chaplain Steven Hokana

The business of pornography is the business of wrecked lives, busted marriages, broken homes, and fractured relationships. People caught in the throes of porn often end up on a devastating downward spiral. Overcoming this scourge is no easy matter, nor is it one that-because of the supercharged potency of sexual images-we are likely to win by our own volition. However, regardless of the difficulty, breaking pornography's grip is the only end game worth pursuing.

To accomplish this, Chaplain Steven Hokana gives the reader valuable insights into becoming victorious over this "treacherous addiction." Considering claims that pornography is harmless, that it enhances marriages, or that it qualifies as art, he counters these ideas: " pornography is a corrosive force that inflicts misery upon the soul and is a destroyer of our most intimate relationships. This battle is about warfare, a spiritual battle. Pornography strikes at the heart of our fallen humanity, our base sinful natures."

In this struggle Hokana gives the reader valuable insights into becoming victorious. He spells out how contrition (expressing genuine sorrow); confession (surrendering the sin to God); absolution (understanding His forgiveness and cleansing power); and amendment (radically changing whatever behavior is necessary to suffocate and kill the addiction) are all critical components to successfully making-and maintaining-a stand against this wily enemy.

The words offered in this volume are Christ-centered, to the point, and deliver a Christian approach to battling this destructive vice. As Hokana writes, "It is in His Name we conquer strongholds, including those built around the deception and slavery of pornography." In Christ there is a life that can be free from pornography.

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