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The Purpose of Living, The Purpose of Dying
by Rob Casteel

Life. It comes and it goes. Eventualities that face us all are easy enough to keep at bay when we're in reasonably good shape. But what happens when sickness or disease or some other physical misfortune puts a number count on the days before us?

In this Project Connect booklet, Rob Casteel offers a brief, moving account of his life and circumstances following his AIDS diagnosis. This is Casteel's recollection of that fateful day in the fall of 1987.

"September 5, 1987, is a date that will forever remain etched in my brain. That day arrived for most bringing the usual day-to-day humdrum. For me it arrived with an impact, a fury that virtually shook and shattered the very foundation of my sanity. (Or so I thought.) This was the day I discovered I had AIDS. I had just turned 31 years of age, and I suddenly found myself of death row."

As he quickly charts the tumultuous highs and lows he experienced from that information, Casteel comments on how his condition brought new fervor to his spiritual life. Remembering biblical truths about God, His compassion, and the work Jesus accomplished on the cross for all of us, Casteel's life became one of encouragement and support to those around him.

The booklet closes with a poignant note from the woman who cared for him for nearly two years.

Life. We all travel different roads and what lies ahead is seldom fully known. Casteel's story is a wonderful testimony to the love God has for us—no matter how badly we’ve run away from Him.

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