No Need to Fear: Dealing with Anxiety
by Donald Deffner

Are the times we live in more anxious than days gone by? Sometimes it seems so. With the whirlwind of concerns that make up our lives--jobs, health, relationships, budgets, kids, retirement, death--it's easy to get caught up in a general but hard-to-define malaise that leaves us on edge and anxious about what tomorrow may bring. In this booklet from Project Connect, readers will find an empathic ear to the worries we face throughout our lives.

While this world presents many perils that can trip us up, often the underlying cause to our anxiety goes deeper than a concern over life's pitfalls. We may find that even with life rolling along smoothly we're still gripped by some nagging issue of regret, low self-esteem, aloneness, or mortality. On this last point, we all have to face the end of who we are in this world.

The prospect of death is something that touches us all. We may go along, especially in our younger years when health issues may be absent, and not give death a second thought. But give it enough time and age has a way of making the certain more obvious: our days are numbered. This fact can leave us in dire straits if left unattended, but that's where God steps in.

Regarding anxiety, the author writes, "We simply have to accept this as a great, annoying fact of life. But we also need to accept an even greater fact of life; namely, that we are children of a compassionate Heavenly Father. ... Because Christ endured human life, we, too, can endure. We can survive. That is the victory: trusting God to bring us through."

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