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An Ingrate’s Guide to Contentment: Five Practices for a More Content Life—No Matter Who You Are
by Dion Garrett

It’s probably no stretch to say that each of us wants more—more house, more money, more love, more of the goodies that give our lives meaning or add to the fun. Now to consider ourselves ingrates because of this, well, that seems a little extreme, doesn’t it? After all, we only want what the next guy has—just a little more of it, right? The funny thing is if we’re really honest about the whole possession thing we’d probably admit that half to three-fourths of the stuff we have now we don’t even need.

What we really want is contentment. We want to be good with what we have and not constantly disgruntled with what we perceive to be our lack. Exploring the apostle Paul’s famous lines in his letter to the Philippians, “For I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances,” author and pastor Dion Garrett searches for the secret to a satisfied life in the words of this dedicated man of God. Garrett offers five practices that can help us become more content with our world.

His five points are 1) getting right with ambition; 2) dumping materialism; 3) leveraging generosity; 4) discovering the genius of gratitude; and 5) finding satisfaction in God. Garrett takes each of these practices and expands on them, giving the reader valuable insights on contentment and where it can be found—no matter what our circumstances might be. Garrett writes, “But whatever you do in your journey ahead, don’t forget for Paul the secret was Jesus. If you’re not taking hold of the things that God offers you freely through His Son then contentment will always elude you.”

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