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Forgiveness is a Choice
by Rev. Dr. Steven Hokana

Forgiving is not easy. From minor infractions to colossal misdeeds, weve all been the recipient of some action or situation that called for us -- when all the hard words and dust had settled -- to forgive. How impossible this act can be sometimes. How far from our thinking is our notion of granting forgiveness, especially when were in the right because weve been wronged. To forgive, however, and to appreciate the power of forgiveness, takes some understanding of how this concept pertains to us -- for everything weve done.

In this Project Connect booklet, Steven Hokana tackles the nuts and bolts of forgiveness, and how its a choice, a conscious decision. When applied to another, forgiveness is an extraordinary balm for broken relationships, messed-up circumstances, and tortured psyches. It restores people to each other and brings wholeness to lives otherwise burdened with maintaining a grudge or an attitude of hostility. As we all know, choosing not to forgive takes energy -- and lots of it. Choosing to forgive is not done from weakness or a trivialization of the pain experienced. Its a forward-moving decision that lays the offense at the foot of the cross of Christ. He is the perfect example of forgiveness in action, and by His forgiveness we are set free ... forgiven and ready to forgive others.

U.S. Army Chaplain (Retired Lt. Col.) Steve Hokana has completed more than 30 years of service to his country. He has served in the Middle East, Bosnia, Cuba, Germany, Alaska, and numerous stateside assignments. He has also written Project Connect booklets on victimization and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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