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Beyond Divorce
by Dan Kohn

Going through a divorce is one of life’s major disappointments. (How’s that for an understatement?) No matter what the reason, no matter who’s at fault, it’s not the way it was supposed to go. What began and took shape as a wonderful journey, secured by an enduring bond that would bear up under life’s pitfalls and struggles, has now collapsed in ruin. The people hurt by divorce are a countless legion the world over. In this Project Connect booklet, readers will find that while divorce may seem like the end to so many good and hoped-for things in life, God is there in the middle of the pain, alienation, and heartache.

Following the story of Jerry and Shannon, author Dan Kohn shows how divorce forces the parties involved into a host of complexities and difficult decision-making demands. There are the urgencies of family member emotions and the altered household scene. There are the awkward negotiations and the sometimes bitter resentments that follow. And there’s the deep spiritual need that results: how does God’s grace and forgiveness in action figure in, especially if you’re the one wronged.

No one knows better than the Heavenly Father the pain of scorned love—and the awesome power of forgiveness. Exercising this power in the face of a devastating divorce, however, is not easy and may, for a time, seem wholly impossible. After all, who can truly forget the broken promises, the hardened heart, and the eventual rejection of a mate? Still, in the end, there is liberation in letting go of the animosity and disdain felt for the exiting partner, but this will take leaning hard on God, who can work marvelous, transformative things in this world—even through divorce.

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